Call the HOTLINE 0787681000 to set up an appointment with a technician.

With your Fiche Cadastre or Deed Plan, come to the District One Stop Center (for residential houses) or the Kigali One Stop Center (for all other projects) and meet with a technician. They will:

  1. Check your plot against the zoning, slopes, wetlands, land use, transportation constraints
  2. Prepare a PDF map of your plot to show you the developable area
  3. Discuss options for development on your plot
  4. Explain all the submission requirements and give you a brochure with all the information
  5. Show you how to sign up for a project file on the MIS Website
  6. Show you how to find the resources on the MIS Website
  7. Answer any questions you might have and exchange phone numbers/give you the HOTLINE number.

You will learn about development potential on your plot and we will help you undertake the next steps.

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