Please take the time to download and read the following documents related to Policies, Laws and Regulations that you should adhere to:

  1. Detailed Checklist for Building Permit Application
  2. Building Inspection Guidelines and Tools
  3. Penal Code of Rwanda
  4. Law Governing Proffessional of Architecture,Engineering and Establishing Institutes
  5. Setout Certification Form
  6. Rwanda Building Control
  7. National Human Settlement Policy
  8. Law Governing Land in Rwanda
  9. Law Establishing Rwanda Housing Authority
  10. Presidential Order Establsihing the List of Fees and other Charges Levied by Decentralised Entities and their Threshold
  11. Rwanda Building Code / Urban Planning Code
  12. Sustainalbe Building Design
  13. Minisiterial Order on Building Permits
  14. Instructions of the Minisiter of Trade on Relocation of Factories and other facilities located in Gikondo Industrial Park
  15. Law Relating to Expropriation in the Public Interest
  16. Law relating to the Planning of Land Use and Development in Rwanda
  17. Minisiterial Instructions Determining Construction Modalities of Preventing Disaster Caused by Thunder Storms, Rain and WindStorms
  18. Minisiterial Oder Determing the Requirements and Proceedures for Land Lease
  19. National Human Settlement Policy Actualise
  20. National Urban Housing Policy
  21. Presidential Order Determining the Proceedures for Formulation, Approval, Revision and Publication of the Land Managament and UrbanPlanning
  22. Prime Minisiter's Order Determining the Conditions for Authorisation to  Carry out Real Estate Development Operations
  23. Prime Minisiter's Order Determining Proceedures for Formulation, Approval, Publication and Revison of Local Developement Plan
  24. Urbanisation and Rural Sector Strategic Plan
  25. Ministerial Order Relating to the Requirements and Procedure for Environmental Impact Assessement

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